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Hologate is an award winning, world class, attraction grade multiplayer 360° VR experience!

Enjoy a range of exclusive custom made licensed games to suit all ages 5 and up. A thrilling and unforgettable social experience with friends or family as you compete as a team against the game and between each other to see who acquires the most points. Hologate is also a fantastic business team building option VR experience!

Hologate NZ
Hologate NZ

Experience the thrill of attraction grade next level 360° VR! It’s VR on steroids! Custom designed, exclusive, highest quality content viewable only on the Hologate platform! We will instantaneously deliver you into a new realm. There isn’t a poet on the planet that can put into words what we can deliver to you on the Hologate.

Fun for all ages, the only way to find out where the next level of entertainment takes you is to do it yourself.

See you soon in another world!

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